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Bangkok Eats - Afternoon Tea @ The Author's Lounge

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

There is just something about afternoon tea that makes me feel like a lady.

Through High Tea Society, I stumbled across a review on "Afternoon Tea @ The Author's Lounge". Ever since then, I have been hanging to make my way to Mandarin Oriental Bangkok to enjoy their afternoon tea. Was it worth the wait? Was it worth taking up my stomach space on my eating trip to Bangkok? DEFINITELY. The hotel is amazing but when you walk into The Author's Lounge, it feels like you have been taken back in time. We were seated in a quiet corner which I didn't mind because then, I can stuff my face with all the delicious food without looking like a piggy in front of everyone else. There are two sets to choose from: Traditional Afternoon Tea Set or Mandarin Oriental Thai Tea Set. I chose the Thai Tea Set :) *they also have a vegetarian option. The Mandarin Oriental Thai Tea Set consisted of:- Pandanus leaf and lemongrass ginger scone

Bitter pomelo marmalade

Devonshire clotted cream and creamy butter

Exotic mango-ginger jam

Herbed minced chicken and sweet corn pastry shells

Mee Grob

Lemongrass and Thai spiced tuna tea sandwich

Turmeric chicken and roasted chilli jam on crispy rice cracker

Blue river prawn and exotic fruit soft finger bread sandwich

Boiled egg, Thai herb and mayonnaise beetroot tea sandwich

Miang Kham - betel leaf with tamarind sauce and condiments

Mango pound cake

Thai tea chiffon

Kalamansi and coconut macaroons with chantilly cream

Steamed pumpkin custard

Punned of yellow bean marzipan, coconut cup cake, potato, pumpkin and sweet egg yolk treats

Caramelized tangerine pudding

Refreshing lychee sorbet with water chestnut jewels

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