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Longan Dessert Soup with Snow Fungus & Goji Berries

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

This is one of my absolute favourite things to make in the Thermomix! It's so quick and simple especially if you have all the ingredients in your pantry...and it's good for you!

The benefits:

  • Longan - vitamins A and C, also anti-inflammatory.

  • Goji berries - vitamins A and C, fibre, iron and zinc.

  • snow fungus - anti-inflammatory, helps nourish the body and reduces heat in the body.

Longan and goji berries are both antioxidants and can help boost your immune system especially during the flu season.


150-200g rock sugar

100-120g dried longan

4 pandan leaves (knotted)

1800g water

4-5 pieces snow fungus (soaked to soften, cut to desired size)

2 handfuls goji berries


  1. Place rock sugar into TM bowl; pulverise Turbo, 2 seconds, 2 times.

  2. Add dried longans, pandan leaves and water; cook 20 minutes, 98 degrees, Speed 1.

  3. Add the snow fungus and goji berries; cook for 5 minutes, 98 degrees, Speed 1.


  • If you don't want to add the snow fungus and goji berries, then just cook it for 25 minutes, 98 degrees, Speed 1 for the whole recipe.

  • For this recipe, instead of pandan leaves, I used 1-2 tsp of My Blue Tea's pandan leaf powder.

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