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A Fun Mystery Picnic Date by AmazingCo

Updated: May 4, 2021

First date, second date or just wanting to go on a date with your significant other? Or just to spend some quality time with your best friend or family members? Look no further than the Mystery Picnics that are offered by AmazingCo.

(This blog post is sponsored by AmazingCo. All opinions are my own.)

Around Melbourne, AmazingCo currently have 13 picnic destinations that you can choose from with 4 more that are coming soon.

What is a Mystery Picnic? It's a self-guided food and adventure experience with a little twist. This stress-free date is already planned out for you with a number of mystery stops where you get to collect goodies for your picnic basket - which will be enjoyed by the both of you at your final picnic destination.

On a side note before we continue; it's MOTHER'S DAY this Sunday 9 May! If you haven't sorted out a gift for your dearest mother yet, I highly recommending getting her a Mystery Picnic Date (or an eGift Card) that she can enjoy with you or someone of her choosing. You can click on my referral link -> AmazingCo and purchase a Mystery Picnic as a treat for her. If you are located in Australia, the UK or USA, AmazingCo has something for everyone.

(When you click on this link and make a purchase, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.)

When AmazingCo reached out to me about their unique experiences, I was intrigued and totally interested in checking out what they were all about!

Without giving too much away, let me tell you a bit more about my experience; we chose to do the Mystery Picnic Date - Autumn Leaves Countryside, Dandenong Ranges. Given it's autumn right now, it was the perfect time to drive around the Dandenong Ranges and enjoy all the autumn colours that was on offer and it definitely did not disappoint.

The day before our picnic date, we were sent our confirmation email which had a link to access our unique clues. You will need to have a smartphone with you throughout the day to access the clues. Solving the riddles was definitely one of the highlights of the picnic date, I am glad my other half was there because the same applies to Escape Rooms for me, without help, we might be stuck in there for a while (but don't worry, if you get stuck, you will get hints!). We were a bit too excited so before we went to bed, we worked out our first clue so we knew where to start our adventure in the morning.

Our First Stop was at a cafe which included our choice of hot drink and scones with jam and cream. The both of us decided to get a hot chocolate which was surprisingly good and the scones were delicious too. How do you like your scones? Jam then cream or cream then jam?

and here's me trying to pose with my hot chocolate

After we solved each clue, AmazingCo also provided us with extra stops along the way that we can add to our little picnic adventure around the Dandenong Ranges before moving onto our next clue.

A few places that you might see along your way if you decided to add the extra stops...

we took the easy trail but you should definitely do the steep trail
a great place to check out bonsai plants if you are a green thumb

I have to admit, if it wasn't for the AmazingCo's experience, I wouldn't have ventured into a lot of the local stores including the surrounding ones. I mean when you have family visiting or there are tourists visiting the Dandenong Ranges, they are always going to the "popular" places like Miss Marples for her famous scones but truth to be told, our first stop, the scones tasted so much better.

Our Final Stop was in a garden where we set up for our little picnic!

trying to find the perfect picnic spot - he had the sourdough loaf with him in the brown paper bag
silly me, I forgot to pack the picnic blanket

The whole picnic date took us just over 3.5 hours to complete, if you went to all the extra stops along the way, it would probably take you over 5 hours. There was so much food that we couldn't finish everything, we took home the leftovers and enjoyed it the next day.

Overall, we really enjoyed our Mystery Picnic experience. Would we do it again? Yes. It was really fun to have a whole day planned out for you but not knowing where you are heading next until you solve the clue.

Overall, I think AmazingCo has come up with a really great idea with the Mystery Picnic Dates for a fun day out with your significant other. If Mystery Picnics are not your thing, there is a huge selection of other experiences that you can choose from which are in the following categories - At Home, Couples, Families and Friends.

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